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Relevant keywords matters

Keywords are essential to a website, especially relevant keywords. It allows a site to be picked up by search engines when a user searches for a particular keyword.

However, many small business websites do not appreciate its importance. In most cases, once a site is done up and published, it is usually assumed that the bulk of the work on the website is done.

One of the things that next need to be worked on is to identify keywords that your target audience would most likely key into a search engine. This is important as it will allow lead search engines to pick up and display your site on a search engine result page (SERP).

Many times website owner publishes content from their perspectives. This is a huge mistake. Writing content that will not be picked up by a search engine is a complete waste of time and effort. It will just be another best-kept secret on the web.

Keyword research is vital. It starts with your target audience in mind. Imagine you are the audience; what are the words he/she would likely type in a search on the web. Take these keywords and gear your content to meeting these keywords. If you can do this, half the battle is already won. Note while choosing a keyword is critical; it, however, doesn’t guarantee you will be rank high on a SERP. There are other considerations like competition, bounce rate, domain authority etc, that finally determine your site’s position on the SERP. We wished too it was that simple.

While keywords are important when crafting your content, it should, however, not be the primary focus. The focus instead should be on producing content that is relevant to the reader than for search engines. Search engines today are smart enough to pick them up.

Unknown to some inexperience content writer or anyone doing SEO for the first time, putting too many keywords or “keyword stuffing” is frowned upon and quickly picked up by search engines. Having the right amount of keywords is essential from being penalized by search engines.

Lastly, keywords also need to be continuously reviewed to make sure it maintains its position or climbs up the SERP.


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