6 things companies can do during Covid19

The Covid19 outbreak is a black swan event – an event that no one expected.

As it spreads across the world, governments are implementing measures to “flatten the curve”. As such, companies are instructed to allow employees to work from home.

During this time, face to face meetings is also kept to a minimum to starve the virus of new hosts. Remote meetings via webinars are now the preferred mode of any communications.

While we do our part to “flatten the curve”, we must not forget about the cybercriminals. They are still around despite the broader threat of Covid19.  

Companies can essentially do a few things to improve their position. They could modernize things, enhance the way of working, better protect themselves, and get ready for an uptick in business when the virus passes.

#1 Improve connectivity security

With employees working remotely, companies would want to improve their cyber defenses. Companies should consider deploying a firewall and VPN solution if they have not already done so. A VPN will prevent any “man in the middle” attacks.

#2 Improve endpoint security

Companies should also consider deploying an anti-malware solution on all remote machines in the event a cyber attacker is successful in deploying a malware payload. With an anti-malware solution in place, the malware can be detected and isolated.

Any anti-malware should also include an Endpoint Detection and Reporting component (EDR). With the added EDR functionality, companies can identify the origin of the attack the path it took, and the systems affected. This information will facilitate the investigative work of forensics experts. It will also reduce the financial cost of involving these experts, as their expertise is not cheap.

#3 Minimizing information loss

Finally, if companies are afraid of sensitive information being leaked, we can help in preventing that from happening.

If there is a data breach and sensitive personal data is leaked to the public, there will be an investigation by regulators. Pending the outcome of the findings, there would be a fine by the regulators. The size of the penalty will depend on the effort made by the company to improve its process in handling personal data, and what measures and controls they have put in place to minimize a data breach.

#4 Employee cyber awareness training

Beyond implementing solutions, companies could also explore running training programs to empower their employees.

One could be in the are of cyber defense and get ready to dash out of the gates when the economy picks up.

We provide cybersecurity employee awareness to empower employees against a cyber attack. We will convert them from being unwitting victims to alert defenders against any cyber onslaught.

#5 Sales training

For the sales team, we can also provide sales training to help them deliver better outcomes through better sales presentations and customer engagement.

Customers are getting savvier, and they expect to deal with a salesperson to be equally apted. Customers may be seeking a solution to solve a problem, but they eventually buy into the confidence of the service provider through the salesperson representing them.

#6 Lead generating website

A crisis is always an excellent time to slow down, review and improve on things (i.e., enhance internal processes, attend training, etc.) you usually never had the time to do.

With the impact of Covid19 weighing down on businesses, this would be a good time to modernize and sharpen the sword.

One of the things we can help with is your website. Your website has a bigger job to do rather than just looking pretty. We can not only help empower it to generate more leads but bring in more relevant leads.

Do drop us a note to see how we can make it happen for you.

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