digital marketing

Digital marketing terms

A/B Testing is a marketing practice to determine an optimal outcome of a post or Ad. It requires a change in a single variable to an Ad to ascertain a better outcome.

Call to Actions are actions which a marketer would like a visitor to take. It could be anything from downloading a PDF cheat sheet, eBook, contact sales, click on a link. or simple to leave their email contact.

Chatbots are light weight applications on websites. It is usually located at the bottom right of a web page. It allows a visitor to easily connect with people behind the website to make quick enquries.

Content Marketing is a form of marketing through the use of relevant content. Content could be in the form of a blog post, a video, podcast, or social media post. Content Marketing is important in building organic traffic.

Conversions in digital marketing is a measure of an expected outcome. Outcomes could be visitors turning into leads, or leads turning into sales. There are known as marketing conversions and sales conversion respectively. For all marketers a higher conversions whatever form it maybe is always the holy grail.

CPM or cost per thousands is an Ad term. It refers to the cost of making a thousand impressions on a screen or on a mobile app. It is independent of any action taken by the viewer. CPM is useful for a brand awareness campaign.

Download speed is a major ranking factor by search engines. We have to include it here as your marketing effort whatever they maybe will suffer it your website has a slow download speed. It will be penalized by both human users and search engines if it is not fast enough.

Impressions in marketing refers to how many times an Ad appears on a screen or in an mobile app. It is an Ad term.

Landing Pages is a page where a visitor lands. In marketing speak, a landing page specifically refers to the page that a visitor would land after clicking an Ad image in a campaign.

Lead Magnets are small offers to visitors, on a website or social media page, in return for their email contact information. Lead magnets could be ebooks, info-graphics or even discount coupons.

List Building refers to the act of building an email list. Emails are important to marketers as it allows marketers to directly market and re-market those on the list.

Facebook Ads Manager is the Ad management console for running Facebook paid Ads o a single Facebook page.

Facebook Business Manager is the Ad management console for running Facebook paid Ads across various Facebook pages.

A Funnel is a visual overview of converting prospects, leads and eventually into customers.

Google Analytics is a free popular analytics platform from Google Inc. It is deployed on websites to monitor a web traffic and its visitor’s behavior on the website.

Google Tag Manager is a web application to manage tags from Google Inc. Tags are line of codes placed onto websites and/or mobile apps. These tags are from another application and they are triggered by a specific event on a website.

Pixels is a piece of code from Facebook. This code is copied and place on a website to track visitor’s behavior on it .

Pay per click or commonly know as PPC, is an Ad term to denote the cost an advertiser has to pay each time someone clicks on a link or Ad.

Re-marketing is the marketing effort to re-market to a visitor who has previously visited your website or product page.

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It is the optimization effort needed to optimize a page so that it may appear higher on a search engine result page. SEO encompasses on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO.

SERP is the short form of search engine result page. It refers to the pages that search engines display after a search query.