phishing attacks

Your best defense against a phishing attack

A phishing attack can happen any time.

Imagine you are living in a village, and you, the village chieftain, hears of an impending attack.

You would quickly summon the villagers and prepare them for the attack.

If the village is attacked, property and lives will be lost.

Today, companies are facing a similar assault. This time the attackers are cybercriminals.

Like in the case of the village, unless there is a decent defense, all will be lost.

Do you have a plan to defend your organization against such an attack?  The threat is genuine, and it is not going to go away any time soon.

Imagine now a farmer in your village, he/she is busy tilting on his land, when he sees some strangers at the peripheral of the farm.

He has two choices to make –he either ignores them observes and continues tilting his land or quickly alerts the rest in the village on what he has just witnessed.

Imagine now the farmer is one of your employees. He/she noticed something abnormal. He/she similar has two choices – to report the abnormality or not to conduct his/her work as if nothing has happened.

As the organization chieftain, what would you prefer them to do?

Would you prefer them to be victims or defenders of the business?

Cyber incidents are real. You can ignore your attackers, but your attackers might not want to ignore you.

The stakes are high. New privacy regulations are not helping by increasing the already high stakes.

What you have painstakingly built could be destroyed in a flash.

Would you want to take a proactive stance to boost your cybersecurity posture?

We can help in this conversion of unaware employees into an organization of alert cyber warriors.

Shall we have a conversation?

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