Website workshop for Bosses 2021

A website is a must-have for all businesses and organizations today.

It is the first place anyone would go to know more about your business and offering.

However most websites are not ready for their visitors. Your visitors may not come back again.

Being ready for your visitors’ arrival is important. It is a matter of whether you will have leads and consquently business.

Besides attracting normal visitors, a website attracts the attention of cyber criminals. These criminals will pay your site a visit. If they detect any vulnerabilities, they will quickly exploit it.

In large organizations, there is a dedicated resource (i.e webmaster) who is constantly enhancing, protecting and maintaining their website.

Smaller organizations can ill afford to have a full time webmaster. However that does not meant the issues will go away.

Small business owners have to understand the issues around it. Knowing what they are will enable them to have a better grasp of the issue and manage risk better.

These days, privacy laws abound. They are mandating that sites have mecahnism put in place to ensure that they abide by these laws.

Being a highly visible company asset, a website will capture the attention of regulators too. Any non-compliance on a website is obstentiously visible.

Even search engines whom websites rely on to be discovered has requirements.

Understanding them all the above issues will help make your website safer, more compliant and discoverable. Most importantly, with the neccessary mechanism put in place, it can also attract and capture leads for marketing.

Join us in our workshop to get your website running at its optimal and a better return on investment.