Workshops for sales

Sales is the lifeline of all companies.

Without sales, a company would soon cease to exist. Hence ensuring that the sales team are best equipped to win the business is critical.

Great sales people are made, they are not born

No compentent sales person is born, they were created through extensive training.

Let our field battle-tested salesperson and practicing toastmaster help you empower your sales team.

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presentation skills Sales presentation workshop

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About trainer

Our inhouse instructor is a battle tested enterprise sales specialist having worked for the likes of leading technology organization like IBM, Oracle etc. In those organizations, he has become familiar with leading sales methodologies for better account and customer engagement.

He is also a practicing Toastmaster. He is currently a Club President and Area Director.

He was involved in the LifeLong Learning Festival in 2017, 2018 and SkillsFuture Festival in 2019.

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