Mobile App Security Testing

If you are developing a mobile app, be it for Apple or Android devices, conducting a mobile app security testing is a must.

Just like any other application, be it on desktop or online, mobile apps are just as susceptible to cyberattacks as other applications. The vulnerabilities are still there, and they it is imperative that they are tested for security gaps before an attack.

Moreso, if you are operating in a compliance demanding environment, you want to make sure you are compliant.

We can help you by quickly identifying your gaps. With the new information, your developers can narrow down and fix the problem areas.

The checks include

blue tick Configuration checking

blue tick SDK/library checking

blue tick Compliance check

blue tick Memory leak check

blue tick Network layer check

blue tick Insecure data storage check

blue tick CVSS Scoring and many more

If you would like to find out do drop us a note.