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Email marketing solution

Email marketing has been around for a long time. It is probably the first form of digital marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an indispensable tool in a marketer’s arsenal. It is useful to promote your brand and keep subscribers engaged with your brand. It can also help to increase sales. Its use has become well adopted by many marketing departments. 

However, lately, this form of marketing has been attracting a lot of attention as inboxes are quickly filling up with marketing messages, bandwidth are being chocked and recipients are receiving emails they did not subscribe to.  This has raised the annoyance level of everyone along the email route. 

Why do traditional email marketing application does not cut it?

Before the arrival of email marketing tools, most marketing emails are sent from traditional email applications. This tool was designed as a productive tool and not meant for marketing purpose. Business email application do not meet higher standards of accountability and personal privacy. It puts its sender at risk of violations and being placed on a blacklist.

A new way of doing email making is needed – the compliant way.

We help companies deploy a compliant email marketing solution. Beyond deploying a solution to gain insights into customer behavior and optimizing email campaigns, brand owners also have to meet the demands of email deliverability and privacy regulations. The former could impact marketing performance and the latter could get you in trouble with regulators.

Beyond software deployment

Deploying a software solution is just the first step.

Beyond software deployment, we help our customers market with confidence by deploying a solution to address the issues of compliance and deliverability. for maximum return of investment and piece of mind.

Do connect with us if you are seeking to improve leads and have piece of mind operating in this new operating environment.