Digital marketing strategy

In today’s Covid and post-Covid world, not being online is something no business can ill effort not to do.

One of the first things everyone would do online is to have a web presence by having a website. This is to announce to the world about your company and service offerings. However, having a web presence is just the beginning. To deliver value, a website needs to have traffic. Thankfully there are many ways to generate traffic. You will be spoilt for choices.

Traffic building can be done in two ways – organically and inorganically.

To build traffic organically, you need relevant and engaging content to showcase your knowledge and authority. This content then needs to be tweaked for search engines to pick them up. Without which your content will be the best key secret on the Internet.

If you get it right, your website must be lead ready, ready to interact with people that find their way there and convert them to leads.

To build traffic organically, you can run ads. With various platforms available, you will be spoilt for various channels to run your ads. However, not all channels are the same as they have a different audience profile. Nor are ads in the online world all the same. With sophisticated finely-tuned algorithms, different ads serve different purposes. There are ads for brand awareness, getting people to visit your website, downloading certain items, etc. With the objectives and audience profile clearly defined, your ad copy has to be attractive and compelling. Otherwise, running ads will be akin to burning money.

With good targeting and ad copy, you can expect to get more signups and leads.

As your business grows and with more data, you want to start analyzing the data to understand trends. With these new insights, you can start optimizing your marketing budget and campaign. By putting your resources efforts on the right channels and campaign messaging, you can take your business to a whole new level.

Automation will also be one of the things you want to look into to handle leads and enquiries as they come pouring in.

The above is a quick overview of a strategy from a web front perspective. Other strategies that need to be looked into are channel strategy, a content strategy, ad strategy, engagement strategy, etc.

For any successful outcomes, you would need a strategy. For tactics without a sound overall strategy, it just noises before defeat.

We can help you with crafting a strategy and set up the above. Drop us a line today if you need help with your online effort.