Data Privacy Compliance

With the aim of protecting consumer privacy and data, regulators across the world are quickly deploying data privacy regulations to ensure private citizens data are properly handled and their privte data are not compromised.

Any legal entity (i.e companies, associations, etc.) who are collecting such private data, needs to be aware of local laws. If they handle data of EU citizens, they would need to be complaint to General Data Protection Regulation (i.e GDPR).

Legal entities today have to put in place a data privacy framework to adequately manage how private data is handled when carrying out their business.

Beyond policies, employee education is paramount to ensure proper personal data governance is taken serious by all within the organization.

Organizations that fail to take the handling of personal data seriously will quickly find themselves in a fix when they experience a consumer complaint, or there is a data breach or data leak.

We can not only help you in your data compliance efforts but also have you put in place necessary cyber controls to keep you compliant.

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