Cybersecurity workshop for Bosses 2021

In this new millenia, we enter the Internet Age.

The Internet empowers us with information at our finger tips. With it, it gifts us all conveniences and opportunties.

However, the Internet also brought along threats and dangers. They come in the form of cyber criminals, ever ready to make life a nightmare for us all. With threats of exposure and denial of services, we will be compel to accede to their demands.

To make matter more challenging, regulators all around the world are deploying personal privacy laws. These laws are meant to safeguard the confidential data of its citizens. Any breach that involves personal data, will attract the attention of the regulators and accompanying fines, if owners of the date are found to be neglient.

For companies and organizations, taking proactive steps to keep safe is the only way to get out of trouble with the cyber criminals and regulators.

Preventing a cyber attack is a huge undertaking for any businesses especially small businesses. While no company or organization is 100% hack proof despite deploying a myraid of defenses, however it does decreases the likelihood of a cyber attack.

For any startup business, knowing where to start can pose a challenge in itself especially if the founders are not IT let alone cybersecurity trained.

In our Cybersecurity workshop for Bosses, we will walk through with bosses on how to embark on a layered defense against a cyber attack.