Cybersecurity essentials for SMB workshop

60 Percent of Small Companies Close within 6 Months of Being Hacked

– Cybercrime Magazine

The issue of cybersecurity has been around for the last 20 years. However, this time it is different. Apart from the cyber criminals, we now have regulations to be mindful of. Any violations of these regulations could be detrimental or even deadly for some companies.

Hence, it is imperative that companies take serious care of the cyber hygiene of its employees and IT systems.

If there is a cyberattack and personal private data is involved, the company will be in for a lot of trouble.

If the fine, investigation and remedial cost don’t get you, the lost of goodwill from your customer will probably hurt you as they stay clear of your business.

So why take the risk of not being proactive? Take proactive defensive action by first understanding what needs to be done.

What will we cover in the workshop

  • Holistic cybersecurity framework
  • The major cyber threats
  • The different types of cyber criminals
  • Deployment of a baseline cyber defense
  • Case studies

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