Anti-phishing campaigns

Phishing is popular with cyber criminals for large three reasons.

Firstly, unlike traditional attack approaches, this time round the attack surface is much larger. Secondly, the attack is targeting unsuspecting victim, the organization’s untrained non cyber-aware employees. Thirdly, it is easy to execute and the success rate is high.

The chance of success in fooling an employee to download a malicious code is high, hence phishing remains high on the methods used by malicious criminals.

To counter this threat. companies have to convert their unsuspecting employees from victims to vanguard guardians through cyber security education. By being aware of such the signature of a threat, they are unlikely to be witting accomplices.

However, people have proved to sometime forget their training.

To keep these employees on their toes, it is good to run ad hoc anti-phishing campaigns. This will help identify employees who are not vigilant and compliant. Once these individuals are identified, they could be sent for re-training on cyber-threat awareness.

We provide anti-phishing campaign tools so that organizations could do internal ad hoc campaigns to sieve out the non-vigilant indvidual before they put the entire company at risk.

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